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A “Power of Attorney” (POA) is a legal instrument whereby one person gives another person the authority to be his/her representative and to make binding legal and financial decisions on his/her behalf. Technically, it is defined extensively as “an authority whereby one is set in the stead or place of

NRIs often seek best advice from the ordinary litigation lawyers in India because of the charges that they face in the country. These charges are often unfounded and baseless. As far as property matters are concerned, in addition to the worries about land grabbing or manipulation, overseas citizens often also

NRI Lawyers offers one of the best platforms for advice and representation for cases where there is shared ownership of property. In such cases, a legal partition of property is the only solution for sorting out claim issues. If an individual is the co-owner with any other person, it can

One of the most sought after issues for legal advice is property transfer in India. The transfer procedure is mandatory for any further processing on your property. Unless the given asset is properly and legally in your own name, you would stand the risk of being caught for some ‘benami’ ownership

People are often found to be in need of Property Management Lawyers to help them in India with land that they have either inherited or purchased. Whether there are issues related to ownership or resolution of some other such matter, people seek legal advice that could help them come up

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Our team of experienced and skilled business/legal advisors is just a phone call away, in case you have any questions regarding the process or if you want to discuss your case. We try to make sure that all your doubts are cleared before they actually arise.

Instead of leaving behind unresolved legal issues until your next trip to India, with the help of NRI Lawyers you can now get solution and advice for all your NRI legal concerns over the phone/email. Any consultation is, needless to say, completely confidential.SMOOTH PROCESS

We try to make your interaction with the authorities as smooth as possible by doing & managing all the paperwork on your behalf. Our team also provides you complete clarity about the process beforehand to set rational expectations.

We make it easy to consult Top Rated Lawyers. Discuss your issue over an email, schedule an office meeting, or consult with any of the listed Lawyers at your home / office. We are ready to help you, as per your convenience.